How to get submissive girls

Hello and welcome. This is a beginner/intermediate lesson on how to start moving on the road to high quality sex in your life by way of tapping into submissive girls qualities. Enjoy.





The girl was amazing. It started with the home cooked meals and the small gifts. Little things that would genuinely help. She gave him a couple of bars of scented soap and some body scrubs he never knew about. She would clean his room and help with laundry when she would come over.


She was a classy woman yet he could have sex whenever he wanted. He didn’t have to convince her to do anything, it was in her nature and she did it without hesitation. She would gladly put her book aside and let him pound it.


It all might sound like a fantasy of an ideal girlfriend. Some of you might be wondering if we can find these type of girls or if they even exist…

The answer is yes. I know how to find them.

Why is she so great?

There is a specific quality that the woman in the story above had, its one that all women have. It is called submissiveness. All women are submissive to a varying degree, it’s natural. Some are more submissive than others. Women who are more submissive generally portray that by taking really good care of you.  I don’t know about you, but I like when someone is taking good care of me. That makes these girls much more appealing in my book.


how submissive girls are

How do we find her?

Since we know these women exist and we understand why we want them, it makes sense to for us to figure out a way to find them. How do we do that?


The first thing that might come to mind is going to a certain place where these woman are, so we can meet them and have a shot. The simple truth is that they are everywhere. Since all women are submissive by nature, we could instead look to a different strategy.


Today our objective is to look at some concepts that will help us improve our selves to attract MORE submissive girls with LESS effort. I believe there are 3 primary areas of focus:

  • Setting up the proper frame
  • Handling challenges and tests
  • Training the woman in your life to be more submissive


Frame Management

Your frame dictates the quality of your sex life.

-Some wise man…

submissive girls frame

It is your duty as a man to lead

I have good news… A lot of women out there are open to being submissive toward YOU no matter who you are or what you look like. You just need to behave a certain way. We will see that by adjusting a few of the signals we are sending out, we can influence the way submissive girls respond to us.


What is frame anyway?

Every person has one. Frame is what dictates your standing in the social environment. It is your outward actions as they are perceived by the people around you. A well-developed frame is one of the main pillars of being a well sexed man and is a key concept that can attribute to the success of the man in ALL aspects of life.


Frame can be adjusted and tweaked with careful effort and it takes time to develop. Lets take a quick look at the definition of submissive so we can get some more insight on the right frame…


submissive girlfriend definition


If she is ready to conform to authority, it makes sense for the frame she is going to rebound against to be an authority figure. Right? That is who we will work on becoming. The frame we need to develop to entertain our submissive girls is a frame that has strong signs of power and leadership.


It is your duty as a man to lead anyway, so taking time to focus on this now will be beneficial. Submissive girls NEED their man to be a leader. If you are unable to lead her then she will not stay with you and you will likely never make it to the bedroom at all.

Authority stems from power…

Since we want to become more authoritative, the easiest way I found was to adjust our perceived power. I noticed that powerful men don’t exert much effort to get results. Powerful men are not necessarily scary or intimidating either, usually quite the opposite. Powerful men simply have an aura of suggestiveness to them.


suggest to submissive girls


That suggestiveness helps other people make decisions. When I started applying principles of powerful men to my life style, I noticed I started getting much more of the things I wanted from women. My frame started getting better responses on dates and women became more likely to sleep with me.

Our mini objectives for developing frame:
  • Start researching and absorbing traits of powerful people into daily lifestyle
  • Obtain mindset grounded in leadership that will withstand tests and challenges

Powerful speech

Lets look at some ways we can increase power substantially with very little effort.

PWR Life Hack #1

It is believed that powerful people speak slowly and the ones without power speak quickly. The reason is that powerless people believe no one will wait around to listen to them unless they spit it out. To get power points we will want to avoid speaking quickly.


Let’s try to slow our speech down. Try practicing speaking less in general and listening more during the interactions you have with people. Pick a friend or a coworker and start talking with them. Then focus on talking slower and listening more. Slowly start talking less. You can almost immediately feel a shift in power in the room.


The slower speed of your speech allows greater control over your responses and this can cause tension. If the person you are talking to gives into the tension, your frame swallows theirs and you advance in the power balance. This adds to what I call the mini boss effect. It’s a skill recognizable by others that will immediately put you on their radar.


Most girls except the very inexperienced are very good at spotting mini bosses. Speaking less and at a slower speed creates for a scenario where women are pressured into investing in conversation thus eventually seeing you as powerful.


submissive woman


Be cautious though. Speaking very little or speaking too slow will make your frame seem overly powerful, there has to be an appropriate balance and this takes practice. If you are employing this in a place where people have known you for a while, adjust slowly so no one notices. Also remember that VERY submissive girls might get scared of you if you are too aggressive and powerful with them.


PWR Life Tip:

A common misconception is that a power frame needs to be made with a serious face all the time. That is opposite from the truth. The most successful power frames are people who are charismatic but understand the principles of social leverage.


If you want to learn more about this, read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is a great guide to understanding the important principles of speaking with people and is a wonderful place to start your studies. If you want to know more books, feel free to email me.

PWR Life Hack #2

Another simple trick you can implement now is change the pitch of your voice at the end of your statements. You will want to make the end of the statement deeper sounding. You can work on this by moving your throat around when you speak.


Try to move it downward to make a deeper sound out of your voice. After that, practice making that pitch transition right at the end of the last word. This gives you a subtle yet powerful undertone of charisma and can fly right over someone’s head if they aren’t paying attention. You are slowly chipping at the power balance by doing this and all you’re doing is talking. What you say doesn’t even matter.

  • Work on your speech by talking slower, less and pause frequently sharing less as a result and becoming more mysteriou
  • Start Lower the pitch of your voice toward the end of the sentence for a charismatic boost (can be great for taking tension off of situations)
Good questions to get your thoughts rolling:
  • What is my current frame? How do people perceive me?
  • Do people give me authority in social gatherings?
  • When I ask women for things do they comply or hesitate?





tests of submissive girls


Girls test your frame. Submissive girls are no exception. Since you are now becoming a mini boss on their radar, they are going to try to crack your frame by ripping at its foundations. Seeing tests is actually a good sign because that means they are recognizing you as a potential mate.

If you fail too many tests, your frame is cracked. If she cracks your frame, she successfully convinces herself you aren’t the right man for her. If you aren’t the right man for her, she isn’t going to sleep with you. This must be avoided at all costs!!!

How will a woman test us?

Let’s look at some examples of a test we might encounter….


Girl: Oh, just so you know I don’t ever sleep with a guy unless I go on 8 dates

Guy: Dang really? I can respect that


That might seem like an okay answer at first, but it actually severely damages our chances of success. We have bought into her frame with that response and have allowed her to control the reality of the interaction. She basically said she wouldn’t sleep with us and we agreed to it.


submissive girlfriend on 8 dates


Lets look at another example…


Girl: Oh, just so you know I don’t ever sleep with a guy unless I go on 8 dates

Guy: Oh interesting, you sleep? Haha, weirdo. Anyway, tell me more about this theatre program you’re in


Which one seems more like flirting and is sexually charged? The second answer of course. She is basically asking us indirectly if we are a well sexed man or not. A well sexed man maneuvers around her objection, successfully stepping one step forward toward bedding the girl. The majority of tests you will encounter are BEFORE you have sex with a woman. Its getting up to that point that can be challenging.

The reason women do this is because – it makes sense. She is screening for powerful men. It is simple fact that there is a limited amount of powerful men in the world. A woman ultimately searches for a man to have a child with. She will screen him by challenging his frame. Eventually she will met a man that passes her tests and takes her to bed. Since the beginning of time women have been doing this.


Here is another example…

Guy: Cool, lets exchange contact so we can link up some other time

Girl: I can’t. I have a boyfriend.


This is simply another power struggle statement. If you were the strongest most desirable man in the world, it wouldn’t particularly matter to you that she has a boyfriend. You would still charm her and steal her one way or another.


How to prevent frame cracking

So if the girl is going to try to crack my frame, how do I stop it?

You can’t stop it. Completely. Your frame will be cracked many times and you’ll have to roll with the punches. Understand there are many women and each time you meet a new girl you get a chance to clash frames with her.


If the clash goes well, you eventually bang and can train her to be a submissive girlfriend. If you mess it up with the girl you just simply move on. It’s a part of the process to fuck things up a lot. Just remember that women behave this way toward you because they like you! This pressure they put on you is a way to signal that they are interested or unsure of your intentions.


If you have frame issues, I always recommend starting with your belief system. Do you have one? If not, a good idea might be to sit down and create one. Remind yourself regularly what it is and stick by it and this will build your character. Character helps add strongly to frame. Add empowering aspects to it and grow into the person you desire to be.


If you already have a strong belief system but still don’t have developed frame, you might need more experience in the field. Make sure to keep tabs on your belief system. I have grown the fastest in game when I was able to rethink old ideas that weren’t working and enhance them. As you have new experiences, old ideas might not be relevant anymore and need to be cycled out.


Summary on Frame Development:
  • Submissive girls like a power frame
  • Girls will challenge your frame if they want to sleep with you
  • The more respect you command the less challenge you will receive
  • More girls approached, more chances for frame match
  • Develop frame through experience & continuously enhance belief system



Questions to get the thoughts rolling:
  • Have women been throwing obstacles at me on dates or interactions?
  • How frequently is this happening to me?
  • When I try to make a move on a girl, how does she react normally?


The goal is to analyze your weak points to improve those areas. Next, we will talk about training new girls and girls you already have into being more submissive.


Training your girl

Training is a big part of developing a sex life you enjoy. Expect to make some sacrifices for the girl but expect her to make some for you. It’s a fair game 😉. Two people do not necessarily know how to have good sex together when they first start seeing each other. Being a man comes with a responsibility to make that happen. It isn’t required, but a man who is good at doing this will simply have a better sex life with less effort. Today will look at one aspect of training which is very simple yet often over looked.


Submissive girls love when you ask them for stuff

Have you heard that old saying that goes something like “ask and you shall receive?” What if it was that simple with women also? What if we asked women for things more frequently and as a result they became more submissive to us? Seems too easy…

  • Wow you look amazing, give me a hug
  • Hey could you please pass me that ketchup for my sandwich
  • That’s a cool picture! Give me that phone haha
  • Dinner was good, let’s go for a walk
  • Hey remember that thing I talked about earlier? I want to show you, let’s go somewhere near by <starts walking to apartment>
  • This couch is comfy. <sits>
  • Wow your skin is smooth, let me see what’s under there!
  • Hey, close your eyes and stick your tongue out for a sec 😉

Yes, it actually can be that easy. If she rejects you, simply step backward and try to escalate again. Keep asking until over time you see the woman give in to your request progressively.  That is why we brought attention to frame before this, if your frame is developed you will have much better results.


Asking for stuff is key because it continuously challenges the power balance and if they continue to do what you ask, you can unlock them completely for requests. Eventually our requests can escalate and once we get sexual with a girl we can try to coach her into doing the stuff we want in the bedroom. Once again… by slowly increasing requests.


If you look into my course, I will cover some of the specific things I say and ways I have learned to escalate over the years. For now, you want to keep it simple. Start small and grow with your requests. The longer you have known the girl, continuously escalate and repeat.


Lets look at a second principle of training that might come in handy. It is a concept out of your psychology 101 course.


Classical Conditioning

It is called classic conditioning. Have you heard of it? If you have taken psychology in high school you probably remember where a scientist named Pavlov used classical conditioning on a dog.

  • The dog would salivate in response to food.
  • Pavlov started blowing a whistle when he would feed the dog
  • Dog associated the whistle with food after time
  • Pavlov can blow whistle without giving the dog food and it salivates


classical condition for submissive women



Here is one way I applied this exact concept to training girls in my life. When I meet a girl for the very first time somewhere. I give her a very large hug at the start of the date and mention how good she looks (even a first date where I have never met this girl in person before.) This does a few things for me…

  • It starts a very warm vibe with the girl and shows that I am not afraid to get in close (perceived as a sexy man from the very beginning).
  • This starts the conditioning to suggest that by taking the time out of her day to see me, she is rewarded by physical contact from me.

That’s not all…

A simple move like this seeds our future interactions. Once I progress more with the girl. If she comes over for a second date and we haven’t had sex yet, I can give that same big hug at the start of the date EXCEPT

  • Now we are in my apartment so I grab her ass briefly while I hug her to escalate
  • She hardly notices because she was already used to the hug and wanted me to grab her ass anyway
  • I have now comfortably set the mood of the interaction to sexual from the beginning
  • Sex is inevitable and I can shag her anytime I want if I pull a few additional moves



You can kind of see how we are doing this to train the girl to be sexual toward us and associate our time together as sex time. Now just continuously press on the gas. This is critical for maintaining sexual power in a relationship. Submissive girls LOVE men like this. This is how you avoid the friend zone.


Hopefully now you are seeing a couple things come together for how we can progress these interactions through the early stages before taking a girl to bed. These are basic concepts of being a well sexed man.




  • All women are submissive toward some man
  • If you develop yourself you can become that man
  • Focus on creating a strong frame that is authoritative
  • Start looking at challenges as not so challenging (don’t be afraid to play and explore)
  • Get more exposure, start getting in front of more girls
  • Create and enhance your belief system
  • Start making requests from your women
  • Escalate your requests as time goes on
  • Live a Life Style of Happiness and Freedom

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